Add an interactive element to your day or evening with our dessert tables that guests can help themselves to. 

We recommend choosing five of the following options and allocating three items per person. For example, to serve 150 guests, 3 items each you will need 450 items in total. Spread across five options that would give you 90 per treat.



Macarons – flavours and colours can be matched to your wedding

Chocolate covered strawberries with white chocolate drizzle on top

Salted caramel brownie or chocolate orange brownies

Miniature meringue ‘kisses’

Mini lemon meringue tarts

Chocolate coated marshmallows 

White chocolate & strawberry cream truffles

White chocolate & Marc de Champagne truffles

Cocoa dusted Belgian chocolate truffles

White chocolate mousse with coulis base

Chocolate coated honeycomb chunks

Cupcakes – flavour of your choosing